The Militarist Monitor (MM) is an independent online publishing project that assesses the work of prominent organizations and individuals—both in and out of government—who promote militaristic U.S. foreign and defense policies.

The Militarist Monitor replaced the Right Web project—which had been in operation since 2003—in 2019 to help focus public attention on the resurgence of political forces in the United States that seek to place the country on a path towards war and overseas military adventurism.

Efforts to push interventionist U.S. policies often cross party lines and can lead to unlikely alliances, thus The Militarist Monitor examines individuals and organizations across the political spectrum, as well as influential “nonpartisan” and “apolitical” actors who collaborate closely with groups that push a militaristic agenda.

MM’s predecessor, Right Web, was originally founded by the now-defunct International Relations Center (IRC) in 2003. Right Web represented a revival of an earlier IRC program called GroupWatch (1985-1991), which profiled more than 125 private, quasi-governmental, and religious organizations that were closely associated with the implementation of U.S. foreign policy in the 1980s, especially in Central America. The Militarist Monitor’s institutional partners have included Lobelog and the Institute for Policy Studies.

Please Note: The Militarist Monitor neither represents nor endorses any of the individuals or groups profiled on this website.

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