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The Attack-Syria Coalition: Then and Now

The ongoing crisis in Syria has become a litmus test for Bush-era neoconservatives, as well as the larger interventionist

The Hardliners Have Romney’s Ear

Although he has developed a reputation for ideological flexibility, Mitt Romney’s campaign rhetoric on foreign policy seems calibrated to

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Will Israeli Dissent Halt the March towards War?

Tensions have been reaching near fevered pitch over Iran’s nuclear program as Israeli leaders and their supporters in the

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The Militarization of the Syrian Uprising

As pressure mounts to arm rebels in Syria, there is need for a sober assessment of the costs and consequences

Obama to Pro-Israel Lobby Group: ‘Too Much Loose Talk of War’

Before a skeptical audience of delegates from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, President Obama affirmed U.S-Israeli ties

Whither the Liberal Hawks?

Tehran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, coupled with mounting threats from hawks in Israel and the United

Rise of the Vulcans Redux

The purported “end of the neocon consensus” has hardly meant an end to hawkishness in the GOP fold. With the

Turning the Tide on the “Pro-Israel” Debate

With key members of the "Israel Lobby" acknowledging the importance of providing a broader space to Israel’s critics, the

The China Divide and the Future of the GOP

The issue of whither U.S. relations with China is an important test case for observing the divide between the

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A Silver Lining for Palestine?

Since Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s call for an independent Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly in September, the

Boxed in on the Middle East

President Obama’s decision to come out against the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN General Assembly this week

New Report Identifies Organisational Nexus of Islamophobia

In a ground-breaking new report, the Center for American Progress reveals the small group of inter-connected foundations, think

The Saudi Counter-Revolution

Tunisia, Egypt, now Libya. Each of these revolutions have occurred under the watchful eye of the House of Saud, which

The Paranoid Style of Anti-Islamism

Anders Behring Breivik’s hateful rhetoric is part of a larger right-wing trend demonizing Islam. This kind of discourse

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The Narco-Terror War

Despite vocal efforts by some foreign policy hawks to view the war on drugs as an extension of the war

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Enhanced Embellishment Techniques

A number of conservatives and security hawks have used the death of Osama bin Laden as a prop in their

Whose Nation-State Exactly?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand that Israel be recognized as a “Jewish state” is unprecedented in the history of

Cakewalk to (Baghdad) Tehran

Just as they did in their effort to push for war in Iraq, hawks are assiduously laying the groundwork for

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Palestine, the Arab Spring, and the Middle East Lobby

As the Arab Spring confronts increasing resistance from entrenched interests in the region, the Palestinian cause appears to be at

Is It Palestine’s Turn?

The Palestinian people — and the rest of the world — have begun to realize that even an iron fist can only

Commentary Smears Right Web

Commentary Magazine’s Contentions blog recently published an entry from Michael Rubin, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, in

A “Mullah-Caudillo Axis”?

Ties between Latin America and the Middle East have drawn renewed attention, in part spurred by the tepid reactions of

Iran’s Bizarro “Green Movement”

During the recent upheavals across the Greater Middle East, the various iterations of the neoconservative line—the optimistic pro-democracy

Neoconservative Redux with Libya

In a distinct echo of the tactics they pursued to encourage U.S. intervention in the Balkans and Iraq, a

A Middle East Déjà Vu

Though the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt were unprecedented in the history of the modern Arab world, they are

Whither the Party Line on Egypt?

The neoconservatives have repeatedly found themselves facing the discomforting reality that democratic change in the Middle East—which they have

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The Case for Syria

The continuing influence of Syria, which has been reflected in the recent power struggles in Lebanon, clearly demonstrates that U

Apostate Politics: How Some Recanted Muslims Have Bolstered Militarist US Policies

Militarist advocacy organizations often employ exiles from Muslim countries to bolster their promotion of hardline U.S. policies. Individuals such

The Real Middle East Lobby

Right-wing supporters of Israel have countered complaints about the influence of the “Israel Lobby” by conjuring a multifarious boogeyman

Standard Operating Procedures: How the Neocons Are Co-opting the Tea Party

The midterm elections have been hailed as a victory for the Tea Party, whose anti-establishment revolt seems to have

Whose Siberia?

Siberia’s forbidden hinterlands have long been a source of friction between Russia and China. In recent years, the idea

The Last Summit?

There is little reason to think the recently revived Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations will result in success. Weakened leaders, growing

The Neoconservative Echo Chamber 2.0

With their strategic goals discredited and their influence in policy circles on the wane, neoconservatives are making savvy use of

Reactionary Censorship in the UK: The Case of SpinProfiles

SpinProfiles, a UK-based website that monitors the European conservative movement, was recently forced to shut down after Alexander Meleagrou

The Civilian Control Trap

Conservative acquiescence in the firing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal appears to be a surprising commitment to the principle of civilian

Muscular Nonrationality: Amitai Etzioni and War with Iran

Once described as the “Everything Expert” by Time magazine, Amitai Etzioni, the renowned social scientist and public intellectual based at

“The Surge of Ideas”

In recent years, there has been a growing tendency for think tanks and military brass to jointly pursue policy objectives

The Nuclear Posture Attack

The vehement attacks against President Obama’s arms control initiatives reveal the extent to which the militarist extreme in the

China and America Jostle in Middle East

China is rapidly expanding its influence in the Middle East. Side-lined during the Cold War, Beijing now has both

No Tea Parties for “Bibi”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to arrive in Washington just in time to witness the dénouement in

Who Are the “Eurocons”?

Neoconservatism is generally regarded as a distinctively American worldview that is characterized in part by a deep-seated belief in

The EMP Threat: Lots of Hype, Little Traction

In September, a network of hawks from the Christian Right to the neocons held a conference aimed at raising alarm

Neoconservative Resurgence in the Age of Obama

Despite their political plunge, neoconservatives—and the think tanks that sustain them—have been surprisingly skilled at reinventing themselves and

Waiting for Obama

Some Israelis fear that Barack Obama is the second coming of Charles de Gaulle—a leader of a powerful global

Why Iraq? The State of Debate on the Motives for the War

Even as the Obama administration ramps up military engagement in Afghanistan, the motives for why the country went to war

Whither Af-Pak?

The near simultaneous reappointment of a sacked Supreme Court judge and the signing of an agreement to allow Sharia courts

U.S.-Iranian Engagement: When and How?

On Norouz, the day when Iranians celebrate the coming of spring and the new Iranian calendar year, President Barack Obama

President Obama: A Realist Interventionist?

President Barack Obama might turn out to be a foreign policy pragmatist, eschewing the grand strategies and big-label crusades

Cheney: Master Bureaucrat

Cheney has from the beginning served as the most aggressive hawk among the top administration leadership. His public pronouncements on

Neoconservatism in a New Era

With change coming to Washington in the form of a new president who campaigned on a slate of foreign policies

Green Security?

Neoconservatives, despite their appreciable influence on President George W. Bush’s administration, have never numbered very many people. By forming

Will Obama’s Change Come to Poor Corners of Kenya?

Wracked by the devastation wrought in the violent aftermath of their own presidential election a year ago, Kenyans across the

The Economic Crisis: Will Money Trump Ideology?

The steep reversal of financial fortune for one of the most generous donors to hawkish causes could likely impact the

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Losing Pakistan’s Hearts and Minds—and the “War on Terror”

Pakistan is facing one of the worst internal crises in its history. The turmoil—intimately tied to the Bush administration

A Nowhere Foreign Policy Debate

This year’s race to the White House has been billed as a thing of historic proportions, and in

Chairman Lieberman’s “War on Terror”

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the Independent Democrat from Connecticut who is closely affiliated with neoconservative-led advocacy efforts to push an

Going Soft on the Contractors?

The aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks proved a watershed moment for entrepreneurs intent on profiting from militarist U

At A Crossroads with Syria

With ongoing peace talks between Israel and Syria, a new political settlement in Lebanon, and the specter of confrontation with

Peace Not Near on Middle East’s “Time Horizon”

Members of Washington’s band of foreign policy realists are high-fiving each other these days. First there was

North Korea: Hand-Wringing over Success

The same neoconservatives who dominated the Bush administration for almost eight years are now screaming like stuck pigs over the

Blackwater: The Real “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”?

Businessmen with ties to the GOP and right-wing ideologies and pedigrees are not uncommon. What makes Erik Prince special

Iran Sanctions Bill Could Undermine Diplomacy

With pressure on both houses of Congress to pass legislation imposing more sanctions against Iran, and without key opposition from

PNAC: Please Contact the Billing/Support Department

The website of the Project for the New American Century went offline last month, spurring conspiratorial rumors regarding the once

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Olmert Takes a Break; Hagee Wins Applause

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, under fire at home for a deepening corruption scandal, left behind his political trouble in Israel

Bush Visits His “New” Middle East

As he was drowning politically and personally in scandals that would lead eventually to a humiliating resignation from office

Embedding the Analysts: Modern-Day Propaganda?

Over the course of the Iraq War, the Pentagon has used hand-picked retired military officers as “message force

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Time for a Diplomatic Surge

In the wake of the congressional hearings earlier this month featuring Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker, during which

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Bush’s Two-Man Song and Dance

Last week, the commander of the U.S. occupying forces in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, and the overseer of what

Missing the Point in Pakistan

A missile strike on March 16 by an unmanned U.S. drone inside Pakistan’s terrorist-infested tribal areas

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The Chutzpah Rewards: Iraq Five Years Along

Predictably, the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq is being marked with zeal by national media and

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The Pitfalls of Forecasting Foreign Policy

After close to eight years during which the relationship between the United States and much of the international community has

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An Early Look Ahead

Each of the three major presidential candidates left standing would make major changes to the national security and foreign policies

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Israel and Iran, After the NIE

“Iran is today the world’s leading state-sponsor of terror,” declared President George W. Bush in

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Whither the Realists in 2008

As critics of George W. Bush’s foreign policy begin to count down the final days of his presidency

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Congress and National Security in 2007

On December 18, as Congress was about to head out of town, the Senate took three last votes on the

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Bye, Bye Tora Bora; Hello Subprime Mortgages

The conventional wisdom de jour in Washington, DC, can be summed up in a catchphrase popularized by Bill Clinton's

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The Mideast Strategic-Consensus Fantasy

First, a flashback: On February 11, 1985, President Ronald Reagan welcomed Saudi Arabian King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz during a

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The Neocons on Pakistan: Neat, Simple, and Dangerously Naïve

Just as a flicker of hope emerged to bring back elected civilian rule to Pakistan, the ideological warriors of neoconservatism

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Look Who’s Downplaying Iran’s Nuclear Threat

Imagine Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice telling a group of leading U.S. policymakers that Iran's nuclear weapons program

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Congress and Iran: The New Iraq?

The drumbeat of a possible march to war with Iran reached a new intensity in recent weeks. Although the campaign

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America’s Africa Misadventure

This month, the Pentagon launched the U.S. Africa Command (Africom), spurring debate and showcasing two contrasting worldviews within

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Iraq After Petraeus: The More Things Change …

Many people in Washington thought that September would produce a marked change in the Iraq War policy. A number of

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The Surge Scam: Getting Rid of the Goat

There is an old Jewish story about a man who lives in a very small house with his wife, many

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Iran and the Enduring Stockpile

In late July, U.S. presidential hopefuls discussed Iran's uranium enrichment program at a news conference sponsored by the

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Dangerous Delusions

A television adaptation of Nebula Award-winning author John Kessel's short story "A Clean Escape," which aired

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The United States and “Regime Change” in Iran

Though the Bush administration has repeatedly emphasized its desire for democratization and regime change in Iran, there are serious questions

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Whither the “Global Democratic Revolution”?

One of the neoconservatives' lasting achievements was the construction of a new pillar of foreign policy—namely, democracy promotion

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Democrats Controlling Congress: A Six-Month Assessment

When they took control of both houses of Congress in November 2006, Democrats were determined to shake things up and

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The New Politics of Political Aid in Venezuela

*This article was updated and corrected on August 17, 2007. Five years after U.S.-funded groups were associated with

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Putting Friends in High Places

President George W. Bush's decision to nominate Robert Zoellick as the new World Bank president continued the president's

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The Right Gets Africa Wrong

When President George W. Bush announced the formation of a military command for Africa (AFRICOM) this past February, it came

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Time to Ignore the Middle East?

These days, conventional wisdom in Washington, DC holds that the Iraq War has been lost, that the Bush Doctrine of

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The Political War Over the Iraq War

On May 24, Congress gave overwhelming approval to the Supplemental Appropriations Bill, which approves about $100 billion to fight the

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Religious Right Rejects Giuliani

During the second GOP presidential debate, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani experienced what mainstream media pundits have termed

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Democrats Remold Military Budget

While Congress has focused on the war in Iraq during the first four months of 2007, it has now begun

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Last Days of the Bush Administration: Protecting the Legacy

Let us imagine for a moment that the years of George W. Bush as president have already passed us by

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The Conservative Credibility Test

What's Fred Thompson got that Rudy and "Straight Talk" John don't? For those excited about his

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Congress Wrestles With the Iraq War

On March 23, after a long, passionate debate, the House of Representatives voted 218-212 to mandate the withdrawal of

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“A Great Little Racket”: The Neocon Media Machine

From high-brow intellectualism to tabloid spin, the neoconservative movement has evolved in ways that its early progenitors could hardly

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Pushing the Anti-Immigration Agenda Further Right

Republicans, like most Democrats, would prefer to keep immigration issues out of presidential politics. But restrictionist Rep. Tom Tancredo (R

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Africa: The Right’s Stuff

The full-page ads appearing in newspapers across the country are wrenching: children in the last stages of starvation, terrified

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America’s Crusaders

Ideology and faith are stirring new calls to arms among influential political factions in the United States. At a time

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Is Washington Being Sidelined on the Middle East?

Once upon a time, an American president would have been a leader in the effort to bring peace between Israel

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Gingrich at the Gate

Although Newt Gingrich, the former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives who was forced to relinquish his post over

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Somalia in the Crosshairs

After the swift fall of Somalia's Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in December 2006, the capital city of Mogadishu has

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Expanding the War to Iran: Another “Urban Legend?”

Rejecting the notion that the United States was planning to attack Iran and Syria, White House Spokesman Tony Snow called

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A Look at the 110th Congress

When the 110th Congress was sworn in on January 4, a new cast took charge, making very complicated dynamics the

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The Push behind the Surge

President George W. Bush's plan to "surge" more than 20,000 additional U.S. troops into Iraq without any

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Year in Review: Congress Weak on National Security

When Congress slunk out of town early the morning of Saturday, December 9, it left behind a mixed record on

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The Baker-Hamilton Recommendations: Too Little, Too Late?

One of Aesop's fables recounts how once upon a time Mount Ida, the birthplace of Zeus, experienced a huge

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The China Syndrome-A Bipartisan Ailment

What does Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have in common with national security hawks at the country's leading right

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The Rise and Decline of the Neoconservatives

Summary: Shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, an influential, neoconservative-led pressure group called the

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Rumors of a Neocon Death Are Highly Exaggerated

There is an element of Schadenfreude in the reaction of critics of Washington's neoconservatives to the policy setbacks and

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Space: The Phantom Menace

The October publication of President George W. Bush's new space policy marked a definitive victory in a long-fought

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Midterms: A Modest Change, Maybe

While the November 7 midterm election will doubtless change the atmospherics in Washington, DC, it is unlikely to have a

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Selective Proliferation

One of the Bush administration's top foreign policy priorities before the end of the year is to secure congressional

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The Henry WhoSociety

Two groups in Britain urge foreign policies that reflect key aspects of the American neoconservative agenda. One group has even

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The Blame Game

Stumping for Republican candidates across the country in recent weeks, Vice President Dick Cheney has honed in on a particular

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A New Kind of Neocon?

Nikolas Gvosdev, editor of the National Interest, a foreign policy magazine affiliated with the Nixon Center in Washington, DC, has

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The Politics of Fear

The recently released staff report on Iran issued by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee and the new National Intelligence

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The End Times Agenda

This past June, the Israeli Embassy in Washington held a reception for several high-powered leaders of the Christian right

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John Bolton: Forgotten, But Not Gone

John Bolton's renomination as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations appears moribund as Congress finishes its final

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DIY Energy Policy

Divergent political camps have found common ground in support of "energy security" and "energy independence." As high gas prices and

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A Real Clean Break in the Middle East

In 1996, a group of American neoconservatives participated in a study group organized by the Israel-based Institute for Advanced

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Protecting the Paradigm

If asked to point to the main victims of the recent crisis in the Middle East, most objective observers might

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Tacking Right?

As the midterm elections approach, the Democrats must decide where they stand. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) stood his ground

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Abrams in Jerusalem

During the 35-day conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was accompanied on her shuttle diplomacy

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Playing Cowboy-and Falling off the Horse

U.S. President George W. Bush has fancied himself playing Gary Cooper's role in High Noon. Yep, Sheriff W

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The Expanding Anti-Immigration Bandwagon

This summer, the immigration debate in the United States has heated up as conservatives of all tendencies-social conservatives, neoconservatives

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Could the Midterm Elections Spell an End to Military Follies?

For more than five years, the Bush administration's aggressive and unilateral national security policies have been triumphant in the

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State of Schizophrenia

Over the past year and a half, the State Department has reemerged as the preeminent force in U.S. foreign

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The Neocons Are Talking War-Again

The neocons are largely united over Iran policy, which they say should have three pillars: avoid diplomacy, which they call

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Tom Tancredo-Christian Crusader, Cultural Nationalist, and Iran Freedom Fighter

Rep. Tom Tancredo, the leading voice of the immigration restrictionist movement, believes that the United States should wall in our

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Iran Freedom and Regime Change Politics

At a time when the Republican Party is divided on immigration reform and when the Democrats and the Republicans are

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2006: A Banner Year for Prosecuting Republicans?

If the month of January is a sign of Bush administration troubles to come in 2006, it could be a

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Tom Tancredo: Leader of the Anti-Immigrant Populist Revolt

Rep. Tom Tancredo, who has represented Colorado's Sixth District since 1999, has in the last six years succeeded in

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Neocons—Down but Not Out

Corrected on June 6, 2006. Of all the personnel changes that have occurred in the Bush administration during the first

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Pitting Elite Interests against the Rule of Law

If people know of Sibel Edmonds at all, they know her as an FBI whistleblower. Since mid-2002, her face

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The Glue that Binds the Movement

They are the glue that binds American conservatism—in all its flavors: neoconservative, libertarian, evangelical, triumphalist—into an

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Toeing an Illegal Line

With John Roberts seemingly a shoo-in for the Supreme Court, Republicans can hardly be blamed for their excitement on

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The New Crusade of the Democratic Globalists

One of the major achievements of the neoconservatives over the past two decades has been to integrate the missionary impulses

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World Movement for Democracy-Made in the USA

The “world’s democratic movement” is not another one of the transnational citizens’ movements, like the

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Nuclear Warrior Replaces John Bolton as Arms Control Chief

The top U.S. government official in charge of arms control advocates the offensive use of nuclear weapons and has

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Cheney’s Man Slated to Replace Feith

A career diplomat and foreign policy operative, Eric S. Edelman is slated to replace the controversial Douglas

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Moving Backward with Move America Forward

Move America Forward (MAF), a California-based advocacy group, believes that moving the country forward requires kicking the United Nations

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The Religious Right Determining U.S. Foreign Policy

When Americans ponder why the rest of the world regards it with less respect, they could turn to the recent

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Rest Assured—We Will Now Have “Good Intelligence”

Since the founding of the CIA in 1947, it has been under attack, mainly from the right. Although left-center

Full-Throttle Unipolarity

Just two weeks ago conventional wisdom both here and in European capitals was that President George W. Bush's second

Bush’s PR Person to Direct U.S. Public Diplomacy

The most intriguing aspect of U.S. President George W. Bush's nomination of Karen Hughes to take charge of

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John Negroponte—Policy Hack or Intelligence Reformer?

The CIA has long been caught in the crossfire from the left and the right. Human rights critics and left

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New Homeland Security Czar’s Legal Dragnet

Michael Chertoff, who served as the head of the Justice Department's criminal division under Attorney General John Ashcroft, has

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The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Elliott Abrams

Elliott Abrams, a figure from the Ronald Reagan-era Iran-Contra scandal who describes himself as a "neo-conservative and

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The Foreign Policy Diaspora-From Jerusalem to Washington

The State of the Union Address and Bush's second Inaugural Address focused U.S. and international attention on Natan

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Neocons and Liberals Together, Again

The neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC) has signaled its intention to continue shaping the government's national

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Hardliner Hadley Named New National Security Adviser

Stephen Hadley is a fire-tested Vulcan--a hardliner close to Vice President Dick Cheney and to the neoconservative camp

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Is Iran Next?

Shortly after 9/11, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith began coordinating Pentagon planning for a regime change in

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Coalition for Democracy in Iran

Overview The Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI) is one of numerous pressure groups created by neoconservatives that focus on

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Douglas Feith: Portrait of a Neoconservative

Feith served as the number three civilian in the George W. Bush administration's Defense Department, under Donald Rumsfeld and

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9/11 Commissioner John Lehman on the War Path

Blame the CIA. That's a political agenda that has found bipartisan support in Congress. Both the right and the

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Liberal Hawks: Flying in Neocon Circles

In the heat of Iraq the neoconservatives are seeing their visions of Pax Americana turn into nightmares and headaches. But

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The Right’s Architecture of Power

(This is the third article in the Chronicle of the New American Century series written by Tom Barry for the

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Final Statement of the BRussells Tribunal

(The following is the final statement of the BRussells Tribunal, an international commission of inquiry held in Brussels on April

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Pax Americana—What’s the Alternative

(In the interests of explaining the logic of the foreign policy agenda developed by the Project for the New American

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When Democracy Promotion Turns Partisan

A not-so-fine line exists between foreign support to foster democratization and the direct funding of a single political

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Long Live NATO

The cold war is long over, but with the support of U.S. supremacists in both parties NATO lives on

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Thought Control for Middle East Studies

A band of neoconservative pundits with close ties to Israel have mounted a campaign against American scholars who study the

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One Year After the Invasion: Baghdad and Beyond

(Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of investigative reports on the influence of a web of

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The NATO Expansion Lobby

(Return to the original article, Baghdad and Beyond, available online at Bruce Jackson, of

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Leo Strauss and Intelligence Strategy

Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt credit the teachings of Leo Strauss, a German Jewish émigré philosopher, with helping

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Office of Special Plans

In the days after September 11 terrorist attacks, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith started cooking intelligence to meet the needs

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Basic Instincts, Not the Truth: Iraq War Product of Neocon Philosophy of Intelligence

(The first in a series of investigative reports on influence of a web of right-wing organizations and individuals--chiefly

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Right Web of Intelligence Reformers

Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt have shuttled back and forth between government and right-wing institutes like the NSIC. In

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Remembering Team B

The most notorious attempt by militarists and right-wing ideologues to challenge the CIA was the Team B affair in

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Sen. Hillary Clinton, L. Paul Bremer and Americans for Victory over Terrorism, Paul Wolfowitz, James

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been one of the few U.S. politicians willing to depart from accepted political discourse

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Realists v. Hawks: Baker Returns

It may be that four or five months from now:. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz will have heard the siren

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Culture, Religion, Apocalypse, and Middle East Foreign Policy

It’s hard to believe, but the Bush administration’s foreign policy and the invasions of Afghanistan and

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Selective Service

In the growing debate over whether the Bush administration should get "boots on the ground" in the war-torn West

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The Right Flexes Muscle with New U.S. Agenda

We meet here during a crucial period in the history of [the United States], and of the civilized world. Part

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Glossary of Right-Wing Sectors

Understanding politics in America and U.S. foreign policy means knowing